NTRQQ Packed Upgrades

Pre-integrated Package: QQ9.0.4+NTR5.0.1 QQ Lite + NTR 5.0.2 QQ 9.0.5+NTR5.0.2(Warning: Large File

NTR 5.0.1 Source Code: Download via Github | From This Site

NTR 5.0.2 Source Code: Download via Github | From This Site

Special Note

This version is only compatible with QQ7.6 or higher, the old version may not be compatible, and the internal testing function of this version has automatic verification.
This work is for learning and communication purposes only. It is not for commercial use. The producer is not responsible for any problems caused by the use. After downloading and using this product, you agree to this agreement. Please know.
User experience group: 135807262 (QQ)

Just repost, NTRQQ.net reserve all copyrights.


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