Public DNS Resolver


I spawned some instances of AdGuard Home and opened it for public use at The instances support traditional DNS (port 53), DoT (DNS-over-TLS), DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) and DoQ (DNS-over-QUIC).
Please note that the AdGuard Home instances validate DNSSEC by default and also have some filter lists deployed.
All instances locations are in U.S. so the experience might not be the best for other regions (hence you should consider self-hosting or use other providers).


Instances powered by AdGuard Home.
Server Address:
Protocols: DoT/DoQ (853), DoH (443), Regular DNS (53).
Features: DNSSEC-enabled, ECS-enabled, DNS Filtering-enabled.


  1. OISD Full
  2. CHN: anti-AD No longer individually included. Merged with OISD Full.
  3. The Big List of Hacked Malware Web Sites No longer individually included. Merged with OISD Full.
  4. Self-maintained Public Resolver Blocklist
  5. Pi-Hole Community Allowlist


Data center locations: Azure (US East 1), BuyVM (Las Vegas), Oracle (US-East-1), HostCram (Texas). All instances are dual stack (IPv4 + IPv6)
I will try to keep the current IP sets as long as possible. Since instance IP and availability might change at anytime, a stable “definitive” list of IP will not be provided. Please manually resolve with A and AAAA records for use on unsupported devices.
Unsure which server you connected to? Simply lookup‘s TXT record!


If your device support sdns:// protocol(DNS Stamps), you can use following links:
DNS over TLS
DNS over TLS: tls://
DNS over QUIC: quic://
Regular/Plain DNS:
Android Private DNS:
Apple: Signed MobileConfig with DoT and DoH

If you wish to install a DoH file for apple systems, you would want to DIY a .mobileconfig file.


Since the resolvers are public-facing and provided free of charge, the service is provided “AS-IS” without uptime guarantee.
If you are not happy with this fact, you are welcome to host your own servers with AdGuard Home.

In addition, ALL PTR lookups to private facing IP address will be blocked. I have no interest in the network infrastructure of your place.

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