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A new set of DNS servers are available at dns.stevenz.net. So far it supports three protocols: DoH, DoT and traditional DNS. The server deployed several blocklists, so use with caution.


Since the underlying software is AdGuard Home, it has the following features.
Server Address: dns.stevenz.net
Protocols: DoT (853), DoH (443), DoQ (784), Regular DNS (53).
Features: DNSSEC-enabled, ECS-enabled, DNS Filter-enabled.


  1. AdGuard DNS filter https://adguardteam.github.io/AdGuardSDNSFilter/Filters/filter.txt
  2. AdAway Default Blocklist https://adaway.org/hosts.txt
  3. Dan Pollock’s List https://someonewhocares.org/hosts/zero/hosts
  4. Game Console Adblock List https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DandelionSprout/adfilt/master/GameConsoleAdblockList.txt
  5. Perflyst and Dandelion Sprout’s Smart-TV Blocklist https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Perflyst/PiHoleBlocklist/master/SmartTV-AGH.txt
  6. Peter Lowe’s List https://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/serverlist.php?hostformat=adblockplus&showintro=1&mimetype=plaintext
  7. WindowsSpyBlocker – Hosts spy rules https://raw.githubusercontent.com/crazy-max/WindowsSpyBlocker/master/data/hosts/spy.txt
  8. NoCoin Filter List https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hoshsadiq/adblock-nocoin-list/master/hosts.txt
  9. Scam Blocklist by DurableNapkin https://raw.githubusercontent.com/durablenapkin/scamblocklist/master/adguard.txt
  10. Spam404 https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Spam404/lists/master/main-blacklist.txt
  11. The Big List of Hacked Malware Web Sites https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mitchellkrogza/The-Big-List-of-Hacked-Malware-Web-Sites/master/hosts
  12. Online Malicious URL Blocklist https://curben.gitlab.io/malware-filter/urlhaus-filter-agh-online.txt
  13. CHN: anti-AD https://anti-ad.net/easylist.txt
  14. OISD – ABP https://abp.oisd.nl/


This server is running on AdGuard home from Azure + BuyVM, and it’s intended to support visitors from Eastern US.
IPv4: Azure US East + BuyVM Las Vegas
IPv6: BuyVM Las Vegas
To use this service on devices that does not support hostname resolving, obtain IPv4 & IPv6 by resolving dns.stevenz.net first.


If your device support sdns:// protocol(DNS Stamps), you can use following links:
DNS over TLS
DNS over TLS: tls://dns.stevenz.net
DNS over HTTPS: https://dns.stevenz.net/dns-query
Regular DNS: dns.stevenz.net
Private DNS: dns.stevenz.net
Apple: Signed MobileConfig with DoT and DoH

If you wish to install a DoH file for apple systems, you would want to DIY a .mobileconfig file.

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